Capstone – Thing #15-21

Well, my time with “21 Things 4 Teachers” comes to a close with this final project.  I tried to take the very best of everything I’ve learned over the summer, but it was SO difficult to choose.  This is a video that I am sharing with my principal and colleagues, and I’ll even be sharing it with the participants in my Blended Learning in the Classroom course this term.  I fully intend to keep this blog going.  I officially changed the title earlier today to reflect the idea that you are NEVER finished trying to adjust and adapt your classroom to best meet the needs of your students.

Watch (be sure to turn up the volume because I need a new computer) and enjoy!


Capstone for Things #8-14

I decided I was ready to create a lesson plan for this Capstone assignment.  It took awhile to wrap my head around how to implement all of this new technology knowledge into a simple lesson that I could use for my Algebra class.  It seems like there are so many new things, I was eager to try out as many new tools as possible, and I was quickly overwhelmed with a massively complex lesson that would certainly enrage and confuse my students.  Remembering that the technology component should be invisible, the math content being the focus, I finally found something that would work.

I realize that in my small, rural district, it will be a bit of a chore to ask students to approach this radically different type of learning environment.  However, I think that once they see that the content presented is solid and structured, they will quickly adapt.  Here is the lesson, in its entirety.  Enjoy!

Capstone 8-14


Capstone 1-7

I chose to create a Prezi for my capstone assignment.  I know several have been writing lesson plans, but I feel like I want to learn about more “things” before I start putting a lesson plan together.  My Prezi presentation will give a clear connection between the tools and content learned in Things 1-7 and the best practices that were discussed at the very beginning of this course.

A few notes, I have attached some music for your enjoyment as you view the Prezi, don’t be startled!  🙂  You can mute, if you choose, in the bottom left corner.  You can scroll through the frames at the bottom of the presentation, and there are other tools at the bottom right such as full screen, autoplay, etc.


Capstone 1-7 Prezi