Capstone for Things #8-14

I decided I was ready to create a lesson plan for this Capstone assignment.  It took awhile to wrap my head around how to implement all of this new technology knowledge into a simple lesson that I could use for my Algebra class.  It seems like there are so many new things, I was eager to try out as many new tools as possible, and I was quickly overwhelmed with a massively complex lesson that would certainly enrage and confuse my students.  Remembering that the technology component should be invisible, the math content being the focus, I finally found something that would work.

I realize that in my small, rural district, it will be a bit of a chore to ask students to approach this radically different type of learning environment.  However, I think that once they see that the content presented is solid and structured, they will quickly adapt.  Here is the lesson, in its entirety.  Enjoy!

Capstone 8-14



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