Thing #4 – Cloud Initiation


Wow!  This is something that I have struggled with for AGES, and I cannot believe it has been this simple all along!  Between a school computer, a home computer, a laptop and an iPad, I save great things that I encounter, but I never know WHICH device I have saved them to if I need them again.  I chose to use Symbaloo, mostly because I am such a dependent visual learner.  There are just a handful of sites there, but it is enough to get me started!

You can view my Symbaloo page at


Yet another tool that will make my life so much easier!  I had to use Dropbox as part of the research study that my classroom participated in, but I was always so busy with figuring out the specifics of the research project that I was never able to fully understand the features of Dropbox.  This “thing” really cleared things up for me!  I was able to create folders for my 7th grade class, my 8th grade class, and my Student Council responsibilities.  I have included links to each of them so you can take a quick look at what I’m working on.  As always, please understand that this is a work in progress.  I am FAR from finished! for the 8th Grade Algebra folder. for the 7th Grade folder. for the Student Council folder.

I have even downloaded this app to my iPad to make my life even MORE wonderful!  I can use my iPad along with my interactive whiteboard to project these documents on the board for students as we discuss them in class.


Opening the doors to this “cloud” mystery has certainly revealed an infinite number of possibilities in my classroom.  Not only will students be able to access videos and documents for the classroom through my Weebly site, they will also be able to research and access helpful websites through my Symbaloo account.  The Dropbox idea will provide a chance for students to collaborate, teaching them skills that they will need in the real world AND the math content in the classroom.  My students work in cooperative learning groups of 4-5 students, and I can envision a weekly reflection piece from each group.  Students can include details of discussions held throughout the week (good or bad), about particular math problems and solutions.  The use of these cloud tools will certainly open up some of the barriers I have experienced in teaching in years past.

ISTE Standards

Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity – With the easy access to bookmarks in the case of Symbaloo and the collaborative characteristics of Dropbox, students will be encouraged to take control of their own education and creatively produce evidence of their understanding.

Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments – If students do something as simple as work on a Dropbox document together in the form of a reflection, the instructor will have the opportunity to assess each student’s understanding of the material.

Model digital age work and learning – Creating and regularly updating the Symbaloo site, providing feedback on collaborative Dropbox documents, students will see an example of their teacher consistently modeling these digital age tools.

CITW Standards

Setting objectives /providing feedback – The Dropbox feature will provide yet another avenue for the teacher to clarify a lesson/unit objective and provide feedback on student work.

Reinforcing effort/providing recognition – As students work on assignments collaboratively through Dropbox, their work will have value.  There is the potential for others to see the work aside from the classroom instructor.

Cooperative learning – Clearly, with the Symbaloo and Dropbox features, students will have resources to research and a medium to present the final product in a cooperative learning assignment.   All of the tools will be available to each student.

Cues/questions/advance organizers – Not only will Dropbox provide a collaborative document opportunity, there is also the chance to ask questions and collaborate on organizers.


2 thoughts on “Thing #4 – Cloud Initiation

  1. That is why we introduce cloud initiation so early. These are great resources to get everyone started in this class. They are also a necessity especially bookmarking as you find sites you want to use again this fall.

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