Thing #2 – Face of the Classroom

As a participant and instructor of the Blended Learning in the Classroom course (BLiC), I always felt like I was “missing” something.  I knew how to blend my classroom, I knew the research and benefits behind blending, but I struggled to use the tools, mostly because aside from my own investigations, I never really knew what was out there.

Everything is becoming clearer…and I have only made it to “thing 2”!!

I was able to take all of the ideas that had been swimming around in my head and put them together on my new Weebly site.  I will be able to provide all of my students with a place to find notes, homework assignments, and even resources for additional practice in areas where they are struggling.  Right now, students contact me with homework questions through facebook, email, and even text messages.  Hopefully, through the use of the Weebly site, I will become even MORE approachable!  I would love to set up Q & A forums for students to help themselves, a blog page to include some real world applications I see in everyday life, the possibilities are endless!

It IS a work in progress, but the Weebly site is set up, and there are pages for each of my classes as well as a central location for any resources I encounter.

Thing 2 Screenshot


You can view this site at

There are a few ISTE standards addressed by Thing 2:

3) Model digital age work and learning.  Through the creation of this site, students can see technology being used in the classroom through my example.

4) Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility.  Also, with the creation of this site, students will see a responsible form of the use of technology in the digital form.

In addition, Best Practice instruction (CITW) is provided:

1) Setting objectives and providing feedback.  As this site develops, I would like to include a place where students can directly address the math content standards that they must know.

3) Cooperative learning.  With the inclusion of an eventual Q & A forum, students will be able to work cooperatively to get questions answered.

7) Assigning homework and practice.  Easily, absent students or even those that have lost the assignments will have a quick and simple way to recover what was assigned in class.


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