Thing #1 – Basics

When I completed the Tech Quiz, I was pretty confident that I would do well.  I did, after all, complete 2 Master’s degrees entirely online.  My overconfidence was depleted as I received a score of 60%!!  My first downfall was AUP.  I did not have a clue what an AUP was, but after going through the lessons in “thing 1”, I quickly became aware that I really DID know what an AUP was within my district.  In fact, I was involved in a few adjustments to our Acceptable Use Policy last year, and so I am fully aware of what our district’s policies are concerning the Internet and technology.  I also failed to know my typing speed, which took off another point.  I have used computers extensively for a number of years, and I took typing lessons early on,…after taking the online typing test, I discovered I was doing pretty well with 59 words per minute.  Shamefully, I did NOT know the difference between Malware and viruses, and with a simple Google search (the link located in the lesson was being temperamental), I discovered the differences between the two.  Finally, my fluent use of an iPad and PC/desktop/laptop is not enough, and a point was taken away on the last portion of the Tech Quiz.

The “something new” that I learned was the difference between malware and virus.  Malware is short for malicious software, and it refers to all types of “bad stuff” including viruses, worms, spyware, and such.  Meanwhile, the virus is simply a program written to mess with your computer or its files.

I met with a colleague earlier today and I mentioned that I was taking this class.  I mentioned how surprised I was that I originally didn’t know what an AUP was…neither did she!  I showed her the portion of the Student Handbook that mentions our school’s AUP, and as she plans on taking a Blended Learning Class in the fall, she was happy to know where to find the information if she needs it.

Personally, I LOVE the format that this lesson followed.  It is a strategy I often use with my students, only at a classroom level.  I pre-test them, using the results to help me determine what needs to be taught.  Doing this all in an online environment would certainly make the learning process more specific to each individual!  I LOVE it!



One thought on “Thing #1 – Basics

  1. As they always send we need to learn something new every day! You learned all kinds of new things today! Great job.

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